Julija Levkova

Still lifes with the flowers inspired by the masters of the Dutch Golden Age.

I have worked with the models for a long time, ever since I switched from portraits to still lifes. ‘They are, in my view, both timeless and challenging. And they’re really difficult to work with.’

In my workflow I integrate several images of flowers painted by seventeenth-century Dutch artists so as to create scenes of hypernatural beauty and visual opulence, achieving chromatic extremes, while they reflect facets of reality.

I compose my photos in the same way that an artist makes his paintings.

The colossal garden of her studio, a magnificent garden on the edge of the forest, is an oasis of calm. There are tall trees, and beautiful flowers and plants are growing everywhere, a constant source of inspiration.

It is delightfully quiet there, the city and the rest of the world seems a million miles away. I photograph flowers, plants, birds and other elements and her digital catalogue is growing all the time.

But not simply flowers in a vase: I build complex digital compositions of flowers, branches, insects and birds.

My digital still-life flower compositions are remixed to match the perfection of paradise; they are so alive and colourful that you can’t help being attracted to them.