Dutch Igloo

We are Dik Mus and Anke van Veen. We work together under the name Dutch Igloo. As artists we like to combine old techniques with new technology. In this new project we work with dioramas, photography and computer calculations. With the use of these techniques from three different eras, we try to create a whole new time / space in our landscapes. The technology enlarges the physical miniature worlds of our dioramas, but at the same time we preserve the complexity and beauty of the tangible nature that cannot be captured in a mathematical model.

In our landscapes, clouds, fog and water flow into one another. There is no beginning and no ending. It is spontaneous and empty without being empty. And full without being full. In that sense, “Creating Wilderness” is inspired by Taoism and Chinese landscape painting. It refers to the origin of the world. The search for a new beginning. Not like a paradise, but a landscape filled with the potential of life. You can wander through the landscape, beyond the horizon. There is no map or google maps, this is a starting point where you can find your own way. Here you can discover a new world.

Previous work by Dutch Igloo has been included in the permanent collection of, among others. Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam Museum, Dordrecht museum.